Bridal Gift Registry means you can receive the ultimate gift of travel. When you start up a Bridal Gift Registry at Anywhere Travel our leisure team will manage all your plans and create a perfect dream honeymoon.  The leisure team have over 30 years experience in tailored travel as well as delivering unbelievable deals on flights, hotels, car hire, bespoke tours and much more….Let your guests contribute to a unique wedding gift, the unforgettable experience of your ideal honeymoon.  Whether you dream of a palm fringed tropical island, an African Safari or an around the world adventure, Anywhere Travel has the right expertise and deals to make your dream honeymoon come true.

Bridal Gift registry


Create a perfect honeymoon dream & celebrate with Anywhere Travel…..

Open your Bridal Gifts Registry with one of our expert leisure travel Managers.

Receive individual personalised gift cards to pass on to your guests with your own invitations.

Your guests can make contributions by phone, in person or by direct deposit.

On closure of the account guests messages are sent to you in time for your special day.

2 Kettles? 2 Toasters? or

One Dream Honeymoon?

Planning a gift as a guest can be time consuming, expensive and difficult. At Anywhere Travel you can contribute anything from $25 upwards and doing this could not be simpler: visit our travel agent centre or simply call us (with details of your credit card). We can also customise wedding or special messages which will be forwarded with your contribution when the gift registry closes. Plus a receipt of your payment will be sent to you via email.




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