We’re passionate about ensuring that your trip is a great success

If it’s worth going to, chances are we’ve been there – or know someone who has!

The travel specialists on our team love to travel, to research and unearth travel tips that will help our clients make the most of their journey.

Draw on their expertise and knowledge to help make your next trip unforgettable.

We are pleased to introduce you to some key members of our team:

Barbara Whitten BA Dip Ed. – Managing Director

Barbara, an established and respected veteran of the travel industry is a key member of various professional bodies and affiliations. For 35 years she has been the driving force of the development of Anywhere Travel. Further, with 37 years’ experience, her vision for niche market diversification has been consolidated in recent years through implementation of latest technology and specialist staff training. She has a vast network of contacts and an extensive knowledge of the workings of the travel industry.

Email: barbaraw@anywheretravel.com.au

Geoff Fairall – General Manager

Geoff has held senior roles during his 15 years with Qantas and 15 years working in the corporate travel management (TMC) sector where he has managed a number of TMC entities. With 30 years travel industry experience, Geoff possesses a wealth of knowledge across corporate travel technology, service delivery and client engagement.

Email: geofffairall@anywheretravel.com.au

Nik Young – General Manager Commercial

With over 19 years in the travel industry Nik has recently joined Anywhere Travel. Growing up in many different countries led to a love of travel and the aviation industry. After 12 years developing travel programmes in London (UK) and New York (USA) he made the move to Australia in 2006. His role as General Manager Commercial covers new technology, business & product development and customer & supplier management, as well as staff training.

Email: nikyoung@anywheretravel.com.au

Steve Thompson – Leisure Retail Manager

Steve has been with Anywhere Travel for over 5 years. Steve has 10 years’ experience in the travel industry with 7 years specialising in luxury leisure travel, he successfully guides the leisure team with the best suppliers. He has a wealth of knowledge having personally been travelling for over 10 years and have been to various worldwide destinations and continue to explore new destinations every year on his personal travels.

Email: stevet@anywheretravel.com.au

Amanda Zhong – Accountant Manager

Amanda has been in the travel industry as an accountant about 8 years.  Amanda finished her Master’s degree of Accountant CY in UTS and joined the Anywhere Travel team in 2008.

Email: amandaz@anywheretravel.com.au

Sukanta Deb – Assistant Accountant

Sukanta has been in the travel industry as an Assistant Accountant for nearly 5 years. Sukanta finished his Master Degree of Accounting and joined the Anywhere Travel team in 2008.

Email: sukantad@anywheretravel.com.au

Joan Johnson – Senior Travel Consultant

She has 26 years’ experience in the travel industry and 25 of those years have been with Anywhere Travel. Joan’s experience includes working in group, corporate and leisure markets. Her outstanding assets are efficiency, vast knowledge and a lateral approach particularly to fare challenges.

Email: joanj@anywheretravel.com.au

Sofia Coplin – Senior Travel Consultant

Sofia has been in the travel industry for 34 years and has worked at Anywhere Travel for 26 years. She has a strong passion for travel and ensures she looks after her clients as if they were family. She has successfully completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Travel and Tourism course. She specialises in bookings to Europe and America (however still having knowledge on many other destinations), and absolutely loves organising honeymoons.

Email: sofiac@anywheretravel.com.au

Alison Prowse – Senior Travel Consultant

Alison has over 22 years of experience in the Travel Industry in both the UK and Canada.  To further her knowledge, she successfully completed her Diploma in Travel and Tourism. Where she then worked Traveland, Venture Travel and for the past 8 years with Anywhere Travel.

Email: alisonp@anywheretravel.com.au

Anne Gurney – Senior Travel Consultant

Anne has over 30 years’ experience working in the travel industry in many areas from adventure travel, to corporate accounts and specialist leisure travel firms. For the last 10 years Anne has managed various University Academic travel accounts.

Email: anneg@anywheretravel.com.au

Jenny Davis – Senior Travel Consultant

Jenny joined Anywhere Travel in 1998 and is an expert in all routes and fares within Asia. She handles many staff members from University of NSW and University of Technology Sydney; 15 years’ experience in the travel industry.

Email: jennyd@anywheretravel.com.au  

Lyndal Moore– Senior Travel Consultant

Lyndal Moore joins Anywhere Travel July 2017, with 15 years of experience in Corporate, Academic Travel and Event Management, and we welcome her to the University specialist travel team.

Email: lyndalm@anywheretravel.com.au

Luisa Caguicla –International & Offline Domestic/Trans-Tasman

Luisa has been working in the travel industry for 15 years, she successfully joined Anywhere Travel 8 years ago. With her experience in International/Corporate & University Travel, she is able to help with bookings for all sectors including Leisure, University or Corporate clients. She successfully completed a Bachelor of Science in Tourism Degree!

Email: luisac@anywheretravel.com.au

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