Basic Travel Trips


I struggled to pack for my Europe trip in July last year, it was so hard for me to decide what I needed, what I could sacrifice without and how much I needed of things. There’s really no limit or proper way to pack for holidays… it’s really hard!!! I’ve included a few tips on how and what to pack:

  1. Try to take with you a squashable day pack you can fling in your luggage and easily use during the day for wattle bottles, diaries, travel guidebooks etc…
  2. Pack a double-strand braided elastic- use it to dry your clothes!!!
  3. Pack a change of clothes, underwear, deodorant and toothpaste in your carry-on luggage. It will make you feel like a brand new person when you land
  4. Remember to pack an adaptor so you can use your electronics overseas.
  5. Pack a small medical kit containing the essentials like band-aids, painkillers and antihistamines.
  6. Rain, hail or shine-Everyone needs to pack a hat
  7. Sarongs are the traveller’s best friend. Use one as nightwear, a standby beach towel, modest covering for temple visits or wrap one around a jumper to make a pillow.
  8. Try to pack neutral bottoms, you can mix and match with patterned or plain tops all the time

Things to do/organise before you depart:

  1. Print several copies of your itinerary and leave one with your parents and a good friend
  2. Make a list of all the things you take with you (print one for each destination/hotel) & tick it off as you go. This will ensure you don’t leave anything behind!
  3. Tie a ribbon around your luggage to help identify yours
  4. Make photocopies of your essential documents such as your passport and itinerary and pack them in a different spot to the originals.
  5. Weigh your bags before you leave to ensure you haven’t exceeded your luggage weight limit.
  6. Invest in a good camera
  7. To root out cheap fares you might otherwise miss, check the website of the airport that you’ll be flying into; it will list all the carriers that offer service there, including charter airlines that don’t show up in online flight searches. Also, look closely at low-cost carriers, like Spirit AirlinesAirTran and, in Europe, RyanAir, which will usually save you money on the fare — but be prepared for additional fees for checking bags or checking in at the airport instead of online and don’t expect much in the way of customer service.


Did you know?

Have you ever been given advice to not prepay? This means you must prepay for your entire stay, no flexibility to change dates or make cancellations. Sometimes you might need to change things around due to work or unexpected circumstances. You might save 20% off your stay at each destination, however, you are locked in & can’t go back to make amendments.

When you’re on a long flight try to not touch your eyes, mouth or nose. It’s important to get up and walk around every hour or so this will reduce swelling in your ankles and feet + increase circulation. Being dehydrated on a plane is the worst- avoid alcohol, instead drink plenty of bottled water.

Wake up early for the best light and fewest crowds, remember you’ll meet the most humble locals in the morning who are on their way to work!