Our reputation as an Academic Travel Specialist has been going for more than 30 years. Meaning we have a deeper understanding of what is critical for academics and how to offer the best service within the market.

It’s hard to find a travel agent that has been working on the same account for more than 10 years- our company strives towards building a strong and long-term relationship with our academic clients. Anywhere Travel responds to most academics who are often travelling on their own grant money and are very price sensitive. Academics often need creative solutions for complex routings, advice on point upgrades and rewards, or family travel at the end of their trips.

For more than 30 years as an academic travel specialist we have handled over 10,000 university bookings per year. Anywhere Travel currently manages accounts for two leading Sydney Universities and services several other tertiary institutions throughout Australia. This includes University of New South Wales and University of Technology Sydney.

Anywhere Travel will continue to add value to your experience with the latest technology and itinerary planning. Guaranteeing quick responses to emails and calls as we take a step further to offer Universities specialised services with our experienced Academic team.

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