Anywhere Travel’s managing director Barbara Whitten was invited to Singapore for the launch of  Singapore Airlines’ all-new cabins that are going to be seen on their Superjumbo A380’s!

The South China Morning Post reports that after a 10 year partnership between Singapore Airlines and the A380’s  – they’ll be giving the double-decker air planes are getting an all-new look. Singapore Airlines’ chief executive, Goh Choon Phong, has said: “The significant investment that we are making with the introduction of a new cabin products demonstrates our commitment to continued investment in products and services, our long-term approach to ensure we retain out leadership position, and our confidence in the future of premium full-service air travel. The new cabin products are the culmination of four years of work, involving extensive customer research and close partnerships with our designers and suppliers.”

There will be six new first-class suites which are fitted with a bed and a leather recliner for ultimate comfort. With movable walls – some suits are able to be merged to create a twin room for couples that are travelling together to share a space. As well as being fitted with an entertainment display, suites will come with storage bins that are well and truly big enough for travellers. Travellers in first-class will share two bathrooms instead of one and one of the bathrooms will include a sit-down vanity.

Within the new business class, there will be 78 seats sitting at 63.5cm wide which also convert into a 198cm long bed. The 2 seats sitting beside one another in the middle row can be joined up to become a double bed for those whom are travelling together and from there can enjoy their 33cm HD entertainment screen. Premium economy seats are boasting 49.5cm wide seats and also come equipped with a 33cm HD entertainment screen with noise cancelling headphones.

A380’s New Cabin Products!