Major airline carriers Emirates, Qantas, Etihad and Virgin Australia have advised all customers that the carriage of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices on-board is prohibited on ALL FLIGHTS effective 12:01am (AEDT) Sunday 16 October 2016.

This is due to concerns regarding potential fire risk from the device’s battery after a number of incidents worldwide and follows a ban put in place by regulators overseas. The ban applies to devices being carried onto the aircraft, in carry-on baggage as well as check-in luggage. Other Samsung devices are not affected.

Note: carries allowed carriage of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 provided it was turned off. This restriction has now been broadened to a total ban. This also applies to low-cost carriers such as Jetstar and Tiger.

The US Department of Transportation issued an emergency order to ban the Galaxy Note 7 on all flights to and from their country.

The safety and security of all passengers and staff is of the utmost importance to all major airline carriers.  

Please contact your Anywhere Travel consultant if you have any concerns.


Safe travels!