One of our travel consultants Yvan has returned from his recent journey to Arizona. He has come back with endless stories that have turned into memories. He was happy enough to tell share his experience.

A comfortable 2.5 hour from Phoenix Airport and a short ride from Flagstaff airport, Sedona’s main attraction is its array of red sandstone formations appearing to glow in brilliant orange/red and illuminating by the rising or setting sun.

The red rocks create a prevailing backdrop for many activities, ranging from spiritual pursuits to the hundreds of hiking and mountain biking trails.


Did you know: Sedona played host to more than sixty Hollywood productions from the first years of movies into the 1970s, mainly western style movies (Hollywood History).



L’Augerge de Sedona: A few minutes from the shops, galleries and restaurants of Sedona, but tucked away along the banks for the quiet flowing Oak Creek, L’Auber de Sedona is one

Of the South West most romantic hideaways. It has red-rock views, as most accommodation in Sedona, but its French-country–inn style and its leafy, creek side location, are what define it.



L’Auberge also offers fantastic dining experience with outdoor setting by the creek.

If you prefer a night out, join the nightly queues for, without any doubt, the best Mexican in town at Elote Café.

Famous Roasted Corn Appetizer get rave review after rave review. You’ll read a lot about the Margaritas too.


Sedona is home to several art and craft galleries. Many specialise in American Indian productions.

The higher end few offer stunning selection of Navajo Rug; amazing craft you’ll want to leave the town with, a piece for your home.