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Travel editors generally dislike the term “bucket list” – it’s overused, unoriginal, and derives from the phrase “kick the bucket” (such an unglamourous way to go out). But sometimes a cliché is unavoidable for a reason: It resonates. Bucket list, wish list, life list – whatever you call it, you surely have one: a mental catalogue of all the places you want to go and all the experiences you want to have. Virtuoso calls it a Wanderlist, and your travel advisor can help map out a long-term plan to get those trips out of your head and onto an itinerary. So go bold, go big, go now – time waits for no one, and the world is waiting for you.

Inside this issue:

African Connection – A classic Kenyan safari proves to be the ultimate family holiday.

Small Wonder – Peaceful by day, hopping at night, and bursting with colourful sights, Casco Viejo is Panama City’s coolest thing since the canal.

Doha Does It UpSouqs, seaside dining, and a wealth of new cultural attractions await in Qatar.

Why I Travel – Good food, outdoor pursuits, and cheeky wildlife shape Christine Sanderson’s adventures.

Old Town Road – Uzbekistan’s Silk Road outposts are as shoppable now as in Marco Polo’s day.

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