Across the Top | Coral Geographers Maiden Voyage


Traverse the entire northern coastline of Australia

19 Nights | Departing Cairns 31 March 2021 (Boarding 30 March) | Arriving Broome 19 April 2021 | Onboard Coral Geographer

The vast northern coastline of Australia is our home. For three decades we have revelled in the vivid reef systems and tropical islands of the Coral Sea, absorbed the culture and traditions of the Torres Strait, marvelled at the remote expanse of Cape York, and discovered the waterfalls and wildlife of the Kimberley. So, it is fitting that we take the brand-new Coral Geographer on an extended exploration of this unique region of Australia.

Voyage northwards through the outer Great Barrier Reef passage to discover an underwater world of colourful coral gardens at Holmes Reef and Osprey Reef. Beachcomb on the picture postcard Restoration Island. Stand at the Tip of Australia on Cape York and make connections with the small indigenous communities of ancient Arnhem Land, before entering the Kimberley coast just in time for the majestic wet-season waterfalls. From here, sail wide and Northwest to the pristine marine sanctuaries of Ashmore Reef, and island-hop down the west coast, where we will encounter a multitude of rare bird species and marine life including turtles, rays, sharks, sea snakes, abundant fish species and perhaps the elusive dugong. Be amongst the very few to ever visit places such as Adele Island and Scott Reef. Your epic journey will conclude in the pearling outpost of Broome.

Expedition Highlights

EVENT: Before departure, enjoy a Welcome Gala and join Coral Geographer’s christening ceremony!

  • Step ashore and explore on the seldom explored Restoration Island
  • Birdwatch at some of Australia’s most vibrant Important Bird Areas, and spot numerous species of seabirds during their breeding season
  • Dive at Holmes and Osprey Reefs, listed as two of the 100 best dive sites in the world
  • Stand at the tip of Cape York to enjoy a sunset toast
  • Experience the raw power of King George Falls
  • Discover the extraordinary Ashmore Reef, and snorkel, dive and birdwatch through the lagoon
  • Visit the pristine habitats of Adele Island and the Lacapede Islands to spot seabirds and marine life
  • Enjoy photography workshops along the way from guest lecturers Jürgen and Stella Freund

Cairns > Sudbury Cay > Holmes Reef > Bougainville Reef > Osprey Reef > Restoration Island >  Ashmore Reef > Somerset & Pajinka (Cape York) > Victoria Settlement> Koolama Bay & King George Falls > Glycosmis Bay Falls > Ashmore Reef & Islands > Scott Reef > Adele Island > Lacepede Islands > Broome. 

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