International travel requirements

Learn about the latest government travel requirements, and what you need to do before you get to the airport.

Travelling has changed and you need to do a little more planning and preparation before you depart…

Anywhere Travel’s expert consultants are here to assist our customers 24/7 to help you understand some of the key government travel requirements before you book and before you travel. This is a guide only, always check the relevant government websites for the most up-to-date travel requirements and restrictions.

As travel restrictions change quickly, this information does not replace specific information provided by government and other relevant authorities. If you are travelling on another airline, you’ll also need to check their requirements.

International Travel

Introducing Sherpa – A simple way to understand the complex international travel requirements – courtesy of our Preferred Partner Airline British Airways. Sherpa will allow you (or your travellers) to quickly and easily check entry requirements by country. Sherpa returns requirements for both direct and indirect trips, making it a valuable tool for all, wherever you may be transiting, as well as those whose journey is point-to-point.  In addition it also helps travellers to understand and even provides direct links for certain eVisas.

Documents at the airport

When you check in for your flight you may be asked to declare that you meet all your requirements for travel, including vaccination and pre-departure testing (if applicable to your destination). Ensure you check with your destination travel requirements for all the documentation you need. Below are the common documentation you’ll be required to bring to the airport.

  1. Proof of vaccination – Before you get to the airport, make sure you have a valid vaccination certificate for international travel (if applicable to your destination).
  2. Pre-departure COVID-19 test – If you need a pre-departure COVID-19 test, it’s important to ensure you have the correct documentation from an approved testing facility (if applicable to your destination).
  3. Proof of other travel requirements – If your destination requires other documents such as travel declaration forms, travel insurance or entry permits, you will need to provide evidence of these (if applicable to your destination).

Find the latest travel requirements for your trip by using the link to our Sherpa guide below.