ICONIC KIMBERLEY – Luxury Small Group Touring with APT

A call to an adventure. A yearning for the Australia unseen. The remote. The otherwise inaccessible. Pursuing your own idea of luxury. Nurturing curiosity. Falling in love with the world all over again. Hiking. Laughing. Leaving the city hustle and bustle behind. Finding peace within boundless plains. Feeling a spiritual connection to the outback. Retracing the steps of renowned explorers. Tales of the Dreaming etched in rock. The crackle of a campfire.

Anywhere Travel and APT creating extraordinary moments in travel.



Highlights of this 12-day fully inclusive tour include:

  • Admire ancient Indigenous Wandjina and Bradshaw (Gwion Gwion) rock art.
  • Take a helicopter flight over Mitchell Falls.
  • Soak in the thermal Zebedee Springs.
  • Enjoy a glass of bubbly during sunset over the Bungle Bungle Range.


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