BREAKING NEWS – Finally dust off the Passport!

1. Qantas bring forward its first flights from Sydney to London and LA on 14th November.

2. All flights will be ‘Points Planes’ for the first week.

3. Passengers will need to be fully vaccinated and do a pre-flight PCR test.

Australias 18-month long ban on international travel will be lifted in November, allowing fully-vaccinated travellers to freely leave the country.Fully-vaccinated Australians and permanent residents returning from overseas will be able to quarantine at home for seven days; unvaccinated travellers will still have to enter 14 days of quarantine at a hotel or dedicated facility and at their own expense.Australian citizens and permanent residents who cannot be vaccinated – such as those under 12 or with a medical condition – will be treated as vaccinated for the purposes of their travel.

The current caps on international arrivals will also be lifted for the double-jabbed, a move long-awaited by the estimated 44,000 Australians who remain strained overseas – many of them since March 2020 when the country closed its borders.The resumption of international travel will be accompanied by the introduction of an internationally recognised ‘vaccination passport’ in both digital and paper forms, which will tie into a global QR code system to indicate vaccination status.

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