Barbara Whitten, Anywhere Travel’s Managing Director is currently on a trip of a lifetime along the coast of Norway and around Lapland. She has sent through an update on her journey to share with you!


“We are right up in the north of Norway, near Tromso on the Hurtigruten Nordkapp beyond the Arctic Circle. We are watching a video of reindeer swimming in a long line.

A video of reindeer swimming:

Lapland  is also in Norway and Finland. Sami are the last indigenous people of Europe. In this area there are three official languages- Norwegian,`Sami and an old dialect of Finnish. They dress depending upon where they are from. The Sami live in four countries – most being in Norway. About 70000 people. The Sami language is close to Finnish and Hungarian- more than 50 words for reindeer in sami. They were an animistic people and there are sea sami, forest sami and city sami. There are over 11000 fisherman in Norway but very few women. Norway is divided into two parliaments – one in Oslo and one in the north(Sami)”

Here’s a photo of local Sami natives: