Anywhere Travel is pleased to share that our new joint venture with UNSW Canberra – ‘The Battles of The Raj’, has been picked up and covered by Penny Hunger in Travel + Indulgence in The Weekend Australian (April 14-15, 2018)

Feel free to pick up a copy this weekend and take a read of the coverage and the full page spread by clicking the image below:

We’ve also been covered in the highly read Travel Blog – ‘The Finer Things in Travel’!

They’ve put a lot of detail into their post about our tour, so do put some time aside to give it a read by clicking the screenshot below:


Additionally, Melissa Hoyer has included our tour on her blog with a great day by day breakdown of the itinerary and encouraging her readers to travel to India on our exclusive tour!

Click the image below to read the special feature of ‘Battle of the Raj’: