Qantas has announced changes to extra legroom seats,  in line with other Aussie carriers like Virgin Australia where guests were always charged a fee to reserve exit row seats- When flying domestically & on short-haul international flights.

Effective 5 July 2017, Qantas is extending their Extra Legroom pre-paid seating products to all Qantas domestic B737 and A330 operated services. The product will soon extend to Qantas international short-haul flights to/from New Zealand, Port Moresby and Noumea. For customers who prefer additional legroom, with this option being extended they can confirm their seat for a fee before flying.

Extra Legroom seats are in the economy cabin and are either Exit Row seats or non-exit row seats that offer additional legroom. Charges are ranging from A$20 for short domestic flights to $60.00 depending on the length of flights.



Exit row seating is subject to availability and is not guaranteed on all flights. Serko clearly displays exit row/extra leg room seats. Please be mindful of the extra cost when selecting these options.

Requirements for Exit Row seats

Customers seated in Exit Rows must:

• be at least 15 years;
• be willing to assist in the unlikely event of an emergency;
• be able to understand and carry out instructions;
• not be travelling with someone who needs assistance in an emergency;
• not have any permanent or temporary impairment, for example, deaf, hearing impaired, blind, vision-impaired, any strength or mobility limitation, intellectual impairment or be travelling with a service dog;
• be able to check outside conditions and react to cabin crew commands;
• in the event of an emergency be able to reach, open, lift and throw out an exit door that weighs up to 27kg (60lbs);
• acknowledge the exit row briefing given by cabin crew once on board the aircraft;
• not be seated with an infant,
• not utilise any part of the aircraft door (or it’s surrounding area) to rest feet, or any other personal item(s); and
• not require the use of an extension seat belt.


Please contact your Anywhere Travel Consultant to find out more!