PREMIUM ECONOMY – Raise your comfort level to Premium Economy on selected Emirates A380 flights

Premium Economy

The new Emirates Premium Economy has arrived on the latest Emirates A380. Watch our tour of the cabin and discover why it’s worth the upgrade.

Welcome to your new comfort zone

Give yourself a higher level of comfort and relaxation in our new Premium Economy cabin on selected A380 aircraft. Enjoy more space and a premium dining experience surrounded by a sophisticated cabin interior.

The new Premium Economy cabin features on our new A380 now flying between Dubai, Paris Charles de Gaulle (EK 75 and EK 76), London Heathrow (EK 1, EK 2, EK 3 and EK 4) and Sydney (EK 412 and EK 413).

More space to relax

Sink into wider, cream leather seats and enjoy extra room to stretch out on raised cushioned leg rests. Adjustable headrests and a deeper recline help you to get your comfort just right, before you sleep under the stars of the overhead mood lighting. Our spacious Premium Economy seats are at the front of the aircraft giving you greater priority to exit when we land.

An elevated dining experience

Taste the local flavours with a choice of dishes from our regional monthly menus. Enjoy generous servings on Royal Doulton china tableware with stainless steel cutlery wrapped in linen. Your polished woodgrain dining table folds neatly into your seat and you have a side table to rest a glass of your favourite drink. Choose from a wider range of beverages from our extended list, including a Chandon sparkling wine, extra vintages from our Business Class list, as well as chocolates and liqueurs.

Upgraded entertainment

Our Premium Economy cabin features our latest upgraded inflight entertainment system with a 13.3 inch HD TV. Choose from thousands of movies, TV shows, albums and more, and connect your own headphones wirelessly via Bluetooth if you prefer. Our latest A380 also features a higher speed Wi-Fi service.

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