It’s hard to believe this level of luxury is achievable within the walls of a commercial aircraft – but it is. Emirates’ new first class suites on their Boeing 777’s and Airbus A380’s make you feel as though you’re flying to your next destination on your own personal jet.

When it comes to privacy – you can’t get better than having your own floor-to-ceiling walls to create your very own private room complete with sliding doors. When it comes to ordering a meal or needing some amenities, you’ve the option to video chat your cabin crew and have them deliver the goods through a hatch in the door for complete privacy.

If you’re wanting to catch some shut eye on a long-haul flight, instead of sliding down the window shade as those in economy will – you’ll get to draw your fabric curtains closed over the window. Whilst on the topic of windows – if you find yourself on the internal suite that isn’t accessible to a window, you don’t need to worry. Emirates have installed ‘virtual windows’ that are fed by a cameras installed on the exterior of the aircraft to make it feel as though you’re in an outer cabin.

Everyone is different and so is are their preferences for the room temperature! Each suite can be dialled up or down to best suit you for the journey ahead. Not only can you adjust the temperature – you can also have full control over the light aesthetics within your room. With a colour wheel accessible on the same display unit – you can pick whichever colour suits your fancy.¬† With the seat being able to be converted into a flat-bed, you’ll have plenty of space to change within your suite instead of needing to take a trip outside to the bathroom. If pen and paper is a must for the ideas that come to mind mid flight – Emirates have provided a traditional luxury leather bound notebook and pen kit for you to jot down everything you need to.

It wouldn’t be first class without a little amenity kit for your use throughout the flight – Bulgari is the amenity kit of choice in the new first-class suites and come in EIGHT different varieties so you can be sure that there’s one that will fit the bill.

These new first class suites will be seen first on flights from Dubai to Brussels/Geneva from December 1st 2017. There are other speculated destinations for the upgraded suites however none have been officially confirmed.

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