In anticipation of Singapore Airlines’ reveal of the new first class suite aboard their all-new airbus A380 – photos have leaked from an unknown source of what appears to be the interior of the suite. Speculations say they’re mock-ups built in an office to show what they’ll look like inside the plane itself.

They’ve been dubbed ‘the apartments in the sky’ with plenty of room to move with them being larger than the current first class cabins and they everything you need for a comfortable flight including a bed complete with intricately designed sheets and a comfortable leather armchair.

For travellers travelling together – it appears to be possible to remove the wall dividing the two suites to allow for a twin bedding scenario.

Also fitted in the room is an inbuilt vanity mirror and spacious washroom. There’s a second more standard size lavatory towards the front corner of the cabin.

Anywhere Travel’s Managing Director, Barbara Whitten, is currently on her way aboard Singapore Airlines to see the new first class suite for herself at the official launch happening in Singapore today.

More photos to come.