Los Angeles’ new connector between Terminal 4 and the Tom Bradley International Terminal is now open, promising faster connections between flights at LAX and also opening up more lounge options between flights. Being most beneficial for travellers connecting from a domestic American Airlines flight to a Qantas flight. For e.g. Chicago>LA flying AA, and then onwards > Sydney/Melbourne or Brisbane with Qantas.

This means you’ll be able to walk straight through from your inbound American Airlines flight at Terminal 4 to the departure gate at TBIT. No more time-consuming and frustrating security check you must complete again when changing terminals. Passengers of United, Delta and Alaska Airlines will also find their LAX terminals feed into the new airside corridor, trimming their own transit times.

(Please note: Travellers arriving into Los Angeles’ TBIT from an international flight will still need to clear passport control, collect their bag, clear customs and proceed through security with an onward departure.)