Nik Young, General Manager- Commercial recently returned from an amazing trip to Delhi, flying Singapore Airlines. More details below !!!



  • Singapore Airlines (SQ)
  • Airbus A380 & Boeing 777-300
  • Business Class 11A and 21A



Delhi International airport is extremely modern and impressed with the overall architecture and design… very modern, however, with some quirky Indian touches! Delhi, unlike Singapore, provides a VERY quick dedicated First & Business Class express channel, which probably saved 30 minutes over my travelling colleagues experience! Now if only Singapore Airlines provided this is Singapore…



The SQ lounge in Delhi was extremely disappointing with no natural daylight, extremely crowded given this was an A380 service and as with all SQ lounges a poor selection on English language reading material.

The Business Lounge in Singapore is certainly better, however, given the size is always over crowded! Being given the opportunity to fly in First, it always amazes me that the first lounge is almost the same size, although always empty! The SQ staff spend too much time policing entry rather than monitoring how busy the business lounge gets, its supposed to be relaxing before a long fight!


The Business Class product onboard the A380 is definitely showing its age in use, but still offers I think one of the best seats/bed in the air. That being said, I can live without amenity kits, however, please provide PJ’s! The service on any SQ flight is always fantastic and flying with SQ over 40 times, I cannot remember any issues… always 10/10.

The flight departing Singapore for Sydney was on the newly refurbished Boeing 777-300 and proves SQ have really thought into how to improve an amazing product in the first place. The basic space remains the same, however, with an updated entertainment system, more personal space and a slightly less angled sleeping position.

The menus on both flights reflected both local and Singaporean dishes and were complimented by some great wines. Although a day flight out of Singapore, the cabin window shades are lowered after the meal service, so you can enjoy a few hours of great sleep before landing for a connecting flight.



Arrival into Singapore tends to be T3, easy to transfer or head to the lounge. On arrival in Sydney Express Route cards are provided but not needed due to the airport being fairly quiet and the new Electronic Gates being so efficient.


AWT Flight Score:

I can’t fault SQ – from the service through to the product… Lounges as outlined above need looking at, however, I am sure as they progress and improve their product overtime this will be addressed. The staff are always so polite and just the right amount of friendliness that always seems sincere… 9/10!

Thank you for the experience~

By Nicholas Young, General Manager- Commercial. 


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