Two years after the coup Thailand is recovering.


The Port of Laem Chabang (100 km from Bangkok) is filled with Thailand’s abundant exports.

Bangkok is one of the most fascinating cities in the world.  Bangkok has great restaurants.

Prices have risen slightly but it is still very cheap to eat if you eat as a local with excellent Thai food available on the streets or in nearby restaurants.

Seafood is abundant with lobsters, squid, and octopus and prawns available cheaply.

In addition to Thai food as a multinational city Bangkok has excellent Indian, Persian, Chinese and of course, western food.

The South

Phuket is famous as a resort with watersports and fine accommodation.

There are many direct flights from Australia to Phuket.

My favourite area of Thailand is Chiang Mai in the North which is significantly cooler than the south, particularly in summer (now).  The Ping River dissects the town and runs along the picturesque old walls and fortifications.


There are many attractions for the tourist including many beautiful and historic Wats (temples).


Northern Thai food is significantly different to the southern food.  I think it is the best in Thailand.

The absence of coconut milk makes the food cholesterol free and many regional vegetables make the food very healthy.  We enjoyed an 11 course meal at The Riverside, Comedara Restaurant which was some of the best Thai food I have ever eaten, all for A$64.00 including beers and drinks.


The most famous dish from the area is Khao Soi which is egg noodles with a fragrant beef, chicken or pork soup.

There are many excellent hotels and accommodation in Chiang Mai including the Shangri-La.


How to Get There

Anywhere Travel can arrange travel to Bangkok and then onto regional centres.

I often fly directly to Singapore on Singapore Airlines and then Singapore Airlines or Silk Air to Chiang Mai which has a daily service.