Every week brings new apps designed to inform, excite, organise and generally make everything easier for travellers. An amazing number of travel apps out there that will help you make the most of your holidays.
Here are a few that have stood the test of time…
Weatherbug (Free)-  largest network of real-time weather, along with lightning sensors for the stormchasers – or avoiders!
Skype (Free)- This app works on Wi-Fi and allows free calls and video calls to other Skype users, along with free messaging and the ability to make calls to landlines and mobiles (inexpensive).
City Maps 2 Go (6.99 or free for the lite version)- Unlimited interactive offline map downloads, as well as unlimited worldwide Wikipedia travel guide downloads (For iPhone and iPad).
Dropbox (Free) – Ideal for storing scanned travel documents like passports, itineraries and more in the cloud, access anytime and anywhere.
TripAdvisor (Free)- Well-known and hugely popular for customer feedback (good and/or bad).
Kindle (Free)- Why carry novels and guide books when this app allows you to carry ebooks on your devices.
Free Wifi finder- Lists over 145,000 free WiFi hotspots worldwide and allows you to search worldwide, online or offline.
Tripit (Free and Pro version)– Easily email your plane and accommodation bookings and an email will be sent back with a detailed itinerary, including things to do in the city and options for car hire and more.
Urbanspoon (Free)– this app helps you find the right place to eat, (using current location) it’s a flexible app (filter search). Gives a list of all nearby places and you can even book via the app.
XE Currency (Free)– Converts every currency in the world, features live currency rates, charts and even stores the last updated rates, so you can access them offline.

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